One aim of the AUA’s Student Experience and Engagement Network is to make it easier for those working in this field to seek and share best practice.

To help achieve this, we’ve compiled a list of events and conferences related to student experience that are taking place this year.

If you spot any events that you think we’ve missed from this list please get in touch with Chris Whitehead (Deputy Network Coordinator) to let us know!

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Tackling violence, harassment and hate incidents 2023
22 March

This annual, highly-regarded national conference will explore recent developments and sector progress over the past year. It is the perfect chance to hear from and engage with sector-leading experts, as well as from other organisations and the third sector.

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The Data Breakdown: Graduate Outcomes
28 March

Graduate Outcomes 2023: The Data Breakdown will explore the next steps in harnessing Graduate Outcomes data to support improved delivery of careers services, maximise the impact of employability interventions and operationalise the dataset with a strategic approach to performance management on progression.

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Coffee break catch-up: lessons learned from a return to campus experience
30 March

Join us for another of our AUA Student Experience and Engagement Coffee-break catch-ups. These are completely informal opportunities for you to take a break from your day job and have some productive chats with others who work in similar roles to yourself. You might have lots to contribute on a particular topic… or just want to come along, ask questions and learn about something that can help give you a wider perspective on the student experience.

This coffee break will take place on Thursday 30th March from 3 – 4pm and will focus on sharing lessons learned as we all returned to campus (gradually!) over the last 12-18 months. This could be your own experiences as a professional, or things you have seen your students go through as they joined us in the new world of education post-Covid.

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NSS Reset 2023
30 March

NSS Reset 2023 will offer an in-depth assessment of how higher education institutions can work to harness data from the National Student Survey to enhance teaching and learning outcomes and the wider student experience. This workshop-led event will enable participants to examine how to use NSS data to design interventions, support performance management and deliver quality assurance in delivery.

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THE Digital Universities UK 2023
17 – 20 April

Digital Universities UK will bring together higher education, industry and policy leaders working at the intersection of academic innovation and technology under one roof.

The event will present the latest challenges and opportunities of digital-first higher education along with cutting-edge start-ups and ideas that will reshape the future, forever.

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Student Engagement Conference 2023: What does student engagement mean to you?

20 April

This conference will focus on good practice in engaging students, the student voice and student participation in the governance and decision-making processes within HE.

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Hashtag HigherEdUK
20 – 21 April

HashtagHigherEd UK is a dedicated forum for higher education marketing and communications professionals to come together and share best practices in communication, marketing and branding strategies in a crowded and dynamic landscape.

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Closing the Awarding Gap Across Higher Education Conference
27 April

This conference will be an opportunity to unpack the existing data on the degree awarding gap and focus on the latest evidence towards which interventions work and how to implement them effectively. It will also include sessions to discuss how to enact the key structural and cultural shifts needed so that all students have equal opportunities to succeed in higher education. To achieve these necessary changes, it is essential to listen to students’ perspectives and ensure that curriculums reflect the diversity of student bodies, and that university adequately equips all graduates with the skills they will need for further study and for graduate work.

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Mental Wellbeing in HE Conference 2023
16 May

Delivered in collaboration with the Mental Wellbeing in HE Expert Group, this one-day conference will address issues of mental wellbeing across all aspects of higher education.

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Learning, Teaching & Student Experience is the UK’s leading gathering of business and management educators
22 – 23 May

This year’s conference will explore latest innovations in business and management education; how educators are supporting the health and wellbeing of students and fellow educators; how sustainability and climate action goals are being reflected in business & management education; and how business schools are tackling inequalities and working to support disadvantaged and underrepresented staff and students.

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Gender in HE Conference 2023
25 May

While gender has been on the agenda in HE for many years, the nature and focus of the conversation is expanding. Long-standing issues such as the under-representation of women in STEM subjects and in senior leadership, sexual harassment, and the need to support pregnancy, maternity and caring responsibilities continue to require attention. And they are joined by newer areas of enquiry including considerations about gender and inclusion, intersectionality, connections and tensions between sex-based and gender-inclusive rights, and the place of gender in learning and teaching, and in models of leadership.

Advance HE’s Gender in HE Conference is an opportunity to explore this growing agenda, consider the implications for HE institutions and reflect on the practical steps they can take to navigate its complexity.

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Enhancing the student experience
25 May

Universities are nothing without their students. Our annual student experience conference addresses the most pertinent issues and challenges our students face. With the cost-of-living at the forefront of everyone’s minds, how can we support our students to get decent and affordable housing? How can we support their mental health and anxiety induced by rising costs?

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Student Retention and Success Symposium 2023: The Cost of Student Poverty
1 June

This symposium will provide an open and supportive environment within which to share and discuss contemporary practice and initiatives. The event will include a keynote speaker alongside participant-led workshops and presentations.

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Coffee break catch-up: preparing for Welcome Week 2023
8 June

Join us for another of our AUA Student Experience and Engagement Coffee-break catch-ups. These are completely informal opportunities for you to take a break from your day job and have some productive chats with others who work in similar roles to yourself. You might have lots to contribute on a particular topic… or just want to come along, ask questions and learn about something that can help give you a wider perspective on the student experience.

This coffee break will take place on Thursday 8 June from 3 – 4pm and give us all a space to share ideas ahead of Welcome Week 2023. Welcome weeks bring opportunities for all of us to start afresh and kick off new ideas, and we know that it’s a vitally important period for student wellbeing and belonging, so let’s explore what others in the industry are doing for the 2023/24 academic year.

Sign-ups will open soon. Please join the Student Experience and Engagement Network to receive updates.

CASE Student Communications Conference 2023
15 June

The CASE Europe Student Communications Conference provides an in-depth masterclass in the art of creating effective and engaging student communications. Communications and marketing professionals have the opportunity to hear about innovation and best practice from expert practitioners who offer tools and techniques learned from their own successful campaigns. The conference has a focus on current student communications and engagement, which is often missing from other conferences on HE comms and marketing.

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Assessment in Higher Education AHE International Conference
22 – 23 June

The globally highly-regarded annual Assessment in Higher Education conference will once more welcome delegates to Manchester in 2023 to our research and academic development event including cutting-edge keynotes by international experts, an interesting range of presentation formats sharing valuable evidence-led research and outstanding practice in parallel strands, energising plenaries as well as practical, pre-conference Masterclasses.

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UKCISA Annual Conference 2023
28 – 30 June

The conference will have an exciting new theme that will be timely and relevant.

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Teaching and Learning Conference 2023: Shaping the future of HE
4 – 6 July

Teaching and learning in higher education continues to be an area of constant change with staff, students and institutions still developing and evolving their models of higher education as we emerge from the pandemic. Join us at the Advance HE Teaching and Learning Conference 2023 to discuss how we can shape the future of teaching and learning in higher education across the globe and share how you are shaping your teaching, your department, your institution and your future in higher education.

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AUA Annual Conference 2023
2 – 4 July

The AUA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2023 will take place in-person from the evening of Sunday 2nd July to Tuesday 4th July at the world-leading University of Warwick – renowned for excellence in academic research and teaching standards.

The AUA Annual Conference and Exhibition needs the creative input of AUA members and the wider higher education sector to be valuable for higher education professionals. Your contribution ensures that the conference programme is relevant, practical, and inspiring.

We are now inviting proposals for the AUA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2023, which must address this year’s theme:

Becoming a Higher Education Professional: Continual Reinvention in a Transforming Sector.

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CASE Europe Annual Conference 2023
29 – 21 August

The CASE Europe Annual Conference (CEAC) returns to Scotland after a successful 2022 in Glasgow! CASE is your community and CEAC is the one time of year we can meet as a sector, to share our how-to guides, our problems to solve, and our successes.

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RAISE Annual Conference 2023
6 – 7 September

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Student Success: Internationalising Higher Education webinar
28 September

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