Opportunities at the AUA

Being part of the AUA goes beyond our flagship events, quarterly issues of Newslink and conferences. It is the chance to be part of a community that exists solely for your benefit, whether you want to acquire new skills, expand your professional network or refresh your knowledge about the HE sector. The AUA is your trusted friend in higher education, as our aim is to provide you with the latest developments in this field and with the chance to meet like minded individuals.

This time, we’re offering you the chance to become part of the AUA family and help shape not only our organisation, but the HE sector itself.

We have a variety of roles available in our organisation:

AUA Trustee

Are you looking for new ways to help the HE sector move forward and bring about positive change? Ever wondered how you could advance your professional skills further, but never knew where to start?

We are currently looking for two dedicated Trustees to represent the breadth and diversity of our members and to add value to the discussions and decisions of our board. Serving as a Trustee is a rewarding experience, as you will have a direct impact on how the AUA operates and also gain a new set of skills that will enhance your personal and professional development.

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The AUA Board of Trustees is seeking a Treasurer to commence a term of office on Monday 26 March 2018 after the AGM of the Association.  The role of Treasurer is appointed annually, but it is hoped that any candidate expressing an interest in the role would agree to hold the role for two years, with the possibility of re-appointment thereafter.  The vacancy has come about following the decision of Joanne Payne, the current Treasurer and Head of Professional Services Finance at the University of Southampton, to stand down after the AGM in 2018, after completing over three years in the role.

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Network Coordinator 

With a membership of around 3500 members in over 200 higher education institutions, the AUA needs a well-established organisational framework and communications system to function effectively and efficiently.

Network Coordinators play an important and fundamental part in maintaining and developing the Association and its activities. Geographic networks give members access to people and activities just around the corner, enabling them to meet, share and exchange at a local level. Themed networks each focus on a specific area of interest, giving members the opportunity to discuss these areas of higher education with like-minded colleagues and those in the know.

We are currently looking for Network Coordinators for the following regions;

Anglia and London


Yorkshire and North East 


We are looking members to represent the AUA in institutions without an Advocate. Check the list of current Advocates on the Geographic Networks page and complete the form if you’d like to help out.

Even if there is already an advocate at your institution, why not get in touch with them and see if they would like some additional help?

Member of our Nominations Panel

Want to take a more active role in the AUA? How about gaining some recruitment skills and building relationships with your peers?

Then help us recruit two new Trustees.

Members of the Board of Trustees are nominated to the Board by a specially convened Nominations Panel. The purpose of the Nominations Panel is to review and recommend applications for membership of the Board to the Trustees. The Panel will consist of at least two Trustees, two co-opted members of the Association who are not Trustees (that’s you!), and a senior member of staff from the AUA Office.

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Study Tour Coordinator

The role of the Study Tour Coordinator is to organise and manage the study tour. Supported administratively by the AUA Office and mentored by the Coordinator of the AUA International Higher Education Network, David Law, you will arrange the itinerary (up to five days), participate in the tour and ensure the discoveries, lessons learnt and tour experience is shared with the wider AUA community on your return. A study tour generally consists of nine people (in addition to the Coordinator), divided into groups which each examine a specific theme. Next year’s study tour will take place in Sweden in the summer.

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