New Business Schools Themed Network successfully proposed by Zoe Bourne

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new Themed Network; Business Schools. You can sign up to get involved in this network by editing your details in My AUA and selecting it from the drop down menu.

This network was proposed by Zoe Bourne, who will also be the inaugural Network Coordinator. We asked Zoe to share a little bit about herself and his vision for the network going forward.

Zoe’s background

I have been working in education administration for over 15 years: first in FE, then moving into HE at the University of Reading in 2006. I worked in student support and programme administration before moving into my current role as Teaching and Learning Officer at Henley Business School, University of Reading.

I now manage a small team looking after the administration of T&L matters across a range of different elements of including student experience, programme design and development, quality assurance, accreditation and programme management. It’s an interesting and varied role and there is never a dull day!

I’ve been a member of the AUA since 2016 and have attended two Annual Conferences which I really enjoyed and have impacted a lot on my day to day work. I’m very much looking forward to attending the 2019 Annual Conference soon! I am also hoping to undertake the AUA PgCert in 2019/20.

Network developments

My hope is to bring together all those who work in Business Schools as well as anyone who is interested in Business Schools because of working with a Business School, or thinking about working for one in future.

The aims of the Business Schools Network are to provide opportunities for all members who are interested in networking, to share best practice, to discuss challenges and innovations, and to offer support and guidance to others.

My hope is to develop relationships and inter-working between institutions, and to build a wide network of contacts to support members with career development and progression. And of course to enjoy meeting others and socialising with colleagues in similar environments.

Some ideas which have occurred to me as possible themes for activities are listed below, but I am keen to be responsive and for the Network to be whatever works best and is most useful for its members so please do get in touch with me with any ideas or suggestions!

  • Professional development in a Business School environment
  • Accreditation and accrediting bodies
  • Diversity of students
  • MBAs
  • Non-standard programmes: non qualification, closed cohort etc.
  • Distance learning and blended learning

More information will be available soon and I hope to meet some of you at the AUA Conference! In the meantime if you are interested in being part of the network or have any suggestions for possible activities please get in touch.

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6 comments on “New Business Schools Themed Network successfully proposed by Zoe Bourne
  1. Laura Whitmore

    Great idea Zoe! I am soon to be Academic Services Manager for the Business School @ University of Gloucestershire. Moving across from Liberal & Performing Arts so quite a contrast. Keen to discuss and hear stories from colleagues in other institutions. One thing I know already is our MBA is very admin resource heavy!

  2. Cathy Barlow

    Dear Zoe
    I am the Deputy Chief Operating Officer at King’s Business School and would like to join this network.

  3. Jacqueline Guillemard

    Hi Zoe! This is a great idea for a network. Thanks so much for starting and coordinating. I am the School Administrator for the University of Sussex Business School and I would like to join the network, please.
    Best wishes,

  4. Allan Bolton

    Dear Zoe,
    I’m delighted to see that you’re launching a b-schools network. This is a brief bit of history to show that managers in b-schools have some history! I’m retired now but am still involved with AUA through being Associate Editor of Perspectives.

    With two others, I founded a b-schools network in 1989. It grew to a membership of 30-40 which held at least one meeting p.a. Many of us exchanged performance data in confidence, and doing so was extremely important to our roles internally.
    We ran under the banner of the Association of Business Schools (now re-branded CABS as you know). I was co-opted on to the ABS Executive Committee for several years and it seems that there remains a Professional Services manager co-opted on CABS Executive Committee.

    The turnover of members has been rapid. It’s likely that none of those in the old network are still in post. Still, all their schools/faculties will still have managers. And it’s encouraging to see that your growing membership list includes several from HEIs which didn’t have a ‘proper’ b-school ten years ago.

    Wishing you every success with the network. I think that, with the right approach, members will be willing to share and be inspired by what their colleagues elsewhere are doing.