AUA Mentoring

AUA Mentoring is here to connect our members with the knowledge and experience of supportive colleagues from across the AUA community.

The programme is an opportunity for our members to use the mentor relationship to empower their career journeys, improve their professional practice and support their professional development.

As the largest association of HE professionals in the UK, with members in roles covering the full-breadth of professional services, the AUA is uniquely positioned to offer this national scheme.

When will it launch?

We are currently recruiting mentors and we plan to open the scheme to mentee applications in early 2021.

Who is it for?

The scheme is open to any AUA member who would like help with their career development. Participants may be:

  • New professionals
  • New to the sector
  • Moving into a new role or moving up to management
  • Seeking new opportunities
  • Taking the step up to senior leadership
  • Seeking support with interpersonal relationships
  • Seeking wellbeing, resilience and work/life balance support
  • Seeking support with career development planning

The benefits of mentoring

For the mentor

  • Satisfaction of helping others develop and giving back
  • Recognition from participating in a national scheme
  • Developing or improving your own management/coaching/listening skills
  • Insight gained from sharing and discussing process and procedures with colleagues from another institution
  • Reflect on your own development as you support others
  • A strong example of ‘developing others’ to be used in AUA Fellowship applications
  • Contributing to the sector
  • Identifying and assisting future talent
  • Expanded network

For the mentee

  • Practical advice, encouragement and support
  • Identify development goals and establish a sense of direction
  • Increased self-confidence and motivation
  • Insight gained from sharing and discussing process and procedures with colleagues from another institution
  • Access to a confidential sounding board
  • Learn from the direct experiences of others and get a different perspective on specific work problems
  • Gain experience from outside of your own institution
  • Gain knowledge and skills from outside your current work area
  • Expanded network

How does it work?

Mentees will complete an application form, which will automatically match them with up to 3 possible mentors. The mentee can then read a brief biography of each match and select their preferred option.

This will send a notification to the mentor and once they accept the match the mentor and mentee will be connected through a new online platform.

Mentors and mentees can arrange to meet in person or online via a platform like Zoom/Teams. In the first meeting it is expected that participants agree their mutual expectations for the relationship, normally participants will meet monthly, and usually we would expect the relationship to come to an end after 6 months.

Find out more and apply

Apply to be a mentor

Applications for mentors are now open. Please click the button below and read the FAQs before applying.

Apply to be a mentee

Applications will open soon.