Equality and Diversity Network Coordinator

About this role

We are looking for a passionate, dedicated AUA member to lead the AUA’s Equality and Diversity network.

We need a colleague who can create a sense of purpose for the network and is excited by the opportunity to develop and to support colleagues in matters relating to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Network Coordinators play an important and fundamental part in maintaining and developing the Association and its activities. Themed networks focus on a specific area of interest, giving members the opportunity to discuss these areas of higher and further education with like-minded colleagues and those with sector knowledge.

Network Coordinators are vital to AUA and perform a crucial role as they are the links between members, Advocates and the national organisation, ambassadors of AUA and the channels by which AUA can listen to the views of its members and the sector on higher education policy, professional development issues and the services we provide.

Enquires about this role can be sent to jordan@aua.ac.uk

Being a Network Coordinator of the AUA is extremely rewarding, helping professionalise the HE administration and management environment in which we work. There are also fantastic personal development opportunities, as a Network Coordinator you will be able to:

• Gain experience and skills you might not normally have the opportunity to in your own role and institution (e.g. (Drafting HE Policy, HE Administration, HE Sector trends etc)
• enhance your professional profile within and outside your institution
• gain substantial networking opportunities
• pursue your own interests in specific areas of HE policy and practice and develop your knowledge of the sector
• engage with and influence policy and practice in the AUA and beyond

The benefit of our networks is that any number of members can become Advocates at their institution, there’s no limit.

Roles and Responsibilities

• Proactively recruit new members and recommend strategies to retain existing members

– Target: year on year positive growth

• Promote AUA benefits such as accreditation, the PGCert and events

– Target: year on year growth in Accredited Members/Fellows

• Recruit, support and develop the Deputy Network Coordinator (DNC) and Advocates

– Target: DNC role filled and at least one Advocate at each branch

– Target: 50% of Advocates to achieve accredited membership or Fellowship

• Organise regional or themed conferences (this can be in conjunction with other networks as appropriate)

– Target: at least one conference every three years

• Support smaller scale events across the Network

• Attend the AUA Annual Conference and contribute as a speaker or by running activities for your Network

• Attend the AUA AGM

• Manage the Network budget and ensure it is spent on activity that develops members or delivers membership growth

• Complete a blog post or report on Network activity at least three times per year

• Represent grassroots members’ views to the AUA Board of Trustees

• Communicate national/regional messages to Advocates and members

• Respond to requests from the AUA Office, Advocates and members within a reasonable timeframe

• Achieve and maintain Accredited Membership or Fellowship

Network Coordinators would usually be expected to spend around 16 days’ per year AUA activity. The position is usually held for a period of three years, with the opportunity to hold the position for a maximum of two consecutive terms. Outgoing Network Coordinators would be expected to participate in the recruitment process for their successor.

Application information

Applications can be made by submitting your CV and Covering Letter via the form here.

Enquires about this role can be sent to jordan@aua.ac.uk

We also have a dedicated team of network coordinators, and would be happy to put any interested individuals in touch with them so they can discuss the role of being a network coordinator with them.