Future HE Professionals

We want to continue to provide opportunities relevant to the development of professional services and
to do this we need your help!

The AUA has a heritage of almost 60 years connecting and developing higher education professionals in support of the UK higher education sector.

To help us look ahead to the next phase in our development, we are undertaking a major research project, ‘Future HE Professionals’.

Drawing on the depth of our existing connections with HE professional services, we want to better understand the needs of our community into the future.

The Future HE Professionals project aims to:

  • Identify future development needs ā€“ the skills and attributes to equip professional services for the changing future of HE
  • Understand how professional services roles are developing in the context of a rapidly changing HE sector
  • Support the continued success of UK higher education.

The project includes background research, a large ‘Future HE Professionals’ survey, and in-depth stakeholder engagement.

We invite you to join us in this collaborative project to better equip professional services to support the future success of UK higher education.

More information will be published soon and the survey is open between Monday 3 February until Saturday 29 February.