3rd AUA South Regional Symposium: Delivering Excellent Service

Bournemouth University

Wednesday 14 November 2018

09:30 to 15:30

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3rd AUA South Regional Symposium: Delivering Excellent Service


Wednesday, 14th November 2018 | 09:30-15:30 | Bournemouth University

Free to members and non-members


This event aligns with the AUA’s professional behaviours and this symposium will develop understanding around the theme of delivering excellent service. This event will allow members to develop individual understanding and share best practice which may be applicable to your organisation and the people you work with.

Details of travel to the Bournemouth University are available at: https://www1.bournemouth.ac.uk/

Who is it for?

This is a free-of-charge, one-day continuing professional development event for existing AUA members. Non-members are welcome to attend, free-of-charge, in order to experience the benefits of AUA membership.


Ubuntu Ice Breaker – Susanne Clarke, Laura Roper & Sam Waldron

A fun activity to begin the day!

Building our Bournemouth University Fusion Community – Dr Lois Farquharson

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not” (Dr Seuss).

Communities grow stronger when people regularly and persistently do a variety of things together that give them opportunities to connect with others, build trust and get involved in doing things together. The web of trusting relationships (also known as social capital) that grows from people sharing and joining together to recognize, help, and involve others, supports effective continuous improvement and strengthens resilience. This workshop will explore how Bournemouth University (BU) uses its ‘Fusion’ framework to develop communities of practice which are both inclusive and impactful in the dynamic HE environment. This workshop will be interactive, supporting participants to share their own stories and insights about creating community, and offering opportunities to apply their learning to their own organizational context.

“What can you do to improve Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes?” – Giles Polglase & Nichola Sowerby

At the 2nd AUA Regional Symposium: Engaging with the wider context, Professor Jerry Forrester posited the question to professional service staff “What can you do to improve Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes?”

In this interactive session, attendees will be asked to answer this question. Working in facilitated groups we will look at the key TEF core metrics of teaching, assessment/feedback, academic support, non-continuation and employability and action plan interventions based on our collective knowledge and experience.

Each group will be asked to present a number of interventions based on their areas of activity.  It is expected that the output from this session will be published in the AUA Newslink.

Designing Excellent Service: Getting to great, starting with empathy – Susanne Clarke, Laura Roper & Sam Waldron

Through an interactive workshop, the facilitators will bring to life their own experiences of leading service improvement and innovation within Higher Education, as well as their insights into the characteristics of high performing teams. Interesting “artefacts” will be used to emphasise the importance of teams having fun together, encouraging creativity and the space to explore and innovate (Katzenback J, Smith D, 2015).

The key theme will be delivering great service by understanding “the customer” or service users and the role of empathy in delivering exceptional service. The workshop will be encouraged to focus on the difference in experience of people across HE. As part of the session, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and tools that they need to innovate, resolve issues and establish new approaches to team working and collective decision making.

Delivering Excellent Service by Creating a Positive University Environment: We are all in this together! – Dr Camila Devis-Rozental

During this talk the notion of humanisation will be explored taking into consideration its main principles and background whilst linking to other relevant theories. The idea that everyone within the university should practice with an embodied relational understanding whilst delivering service excellence will be presented linking to the humanising framework developed at BU and theories related job satisfaction and wellbeing. Looking at specific examples within practice, the session will allow practitioners to reflect on their own experience and to think of ways in which they can implement some of these principles within their own practice. Based on these, the benefits that could be gained and the impact on their overall experience both professional and personal will be presented. The session will also highlight the importance of self- awareness and managing emotions and relationships effectively and the responsibility that everyone has to enrich the higher education environment with a positive mindset. The last part of the session will review how only by working cohesively and with common values and principles shared by all can service excellence be delivered in a meaningful way to enrich and enhance our work environment as well as society as a whole.

Who will be speaking?

Mandi Barron – Bournemouth University

Mandi established Student Services at Bournemouth University in 2015 with a remit covering art, music, sport and residences as well as more traditional areas of student services. She has also held senior roles in faculty, Registry and the Office of the Vice Chancellor.  A member of the University’s Leadership Team she served two terms of office as an elected member of the AMOSSHE Executive and has mentored on the AUA PGCert. An AUA member since 2001 Mandi is also a Chartered Fellow of the CMI and a Fellow of the Leadership Foundation.

Dr Lois Farquharson – Bournemouth University

Dr Lois Farquharson is the Deputy Dean for Education & Professional Practice in The Business School, Bournemouth University. She is an experienced leader with a demonstrated background in the higher education sector and business engagement. Skilled in leading and managing change and organisational development, Lois believes in the value of positivity, appreciative inquiry and kindness in dynamic organisation/industry contexts. Lois has undertaken research and knowledge exchange projects focused on these areas with various organisations including the NHS, IiP Scotland, Police Service, Higher Education Institutions and small businesses. As a strong professional, Lois is a Chartered Fellow of the CMI, an Academic Fellow of the CIPD, and is certified to deliver the Strengths Deployment Inventory (TotalSDI) to support individual and team growth.

Giles Polglase – Canterbury Christ Church University 

Giles Polglase is Faculty Director of Operations at Canterbury Christ Church University and the AUA Regional Coordinator (South). He has worked in many roles in higher education, including the Higher Education Funding Council for England, Arts and Humanities Research Board, Aberystwyth University, and University of Kent.

Nichola Sowerby – University of Portsmouth

Nichola Sowerby is Principal Administrator (Quality Assurance) and the AUA Branch Advocate at the University of Portsmouth and Deputy AUA Regional Coordinator (South).  Nichola has worked in in Higher Education for over 20 years and during that time undertaken various roles gaining wide experiences from a Department, Faculty and a Central services perspective.

Susanne Clarke – Bournemouth University

As Head of Service Excellence and Organisational Change Lead for Bournemouth University, Susanne is passionate about leading teams and encouraging people to embrace cultural change to be the best they can be. Her goal is to ensure that a high quality academic experience is supported by a strong culture of service excellence.

Laura Roper – Bournemouth University

Laura has a passion for encouraging people to embrace continuous improvement and best practice. As part of the accreditation process Laura strives to ensure that a high quality student and staff experience is supported by the culture of service excellence which is encouraged throughout the University.

Sam Waldron – Bournemouth University

Sam has a passion for service excellence and enjoys the responsibility and challenges that his role brings. Sam has always been keen on self-improvement to further himself and open up further career opportunities within the Higher Education environment. To this end, recently, his professional development has manifested itself in studying for the PGCert in Higher Education Administration, Leadership and Management with the AUA.

Dr Camila Devis-Rozental

Senior Lecturer, senior fellow Advance HE, and the UK representative of the International Positive Psychology Education division. She is also the author of the book: Developing socio-emotional intelligence in Higher education scholars.

Her expertise is in Education and professional practice and the impact that emotions and social interactions have on the university environment. Her work centres around the humanisation of HE and the need to see all members of the university community as peer scholars, all working together but each playing a vital role in delivering an excellent experience that enriches the community and has a positive impact on society.