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To mark our 60th year of connecting and developing our members, we have created Development Monthly. This new monthly bulletin will share highlights from the AUA, with the knowledge and expertise of our membership and stakeholder community, plus best practice from the sector and beyond.

Reflecting the breadth of areas that our members work within higher education, readers can expect a variety of professional development news and insights around a monthly theme including, articles, hints and tips, practical tools, sign-posts, and a taster of AUA opportunities.


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Issue #19: May 2023

Digital Evolution in HE

This month to celebrate National Technology Day, we reflect on the rapid evolution of data and AI that will transform the future of HE. Jordan Paterson shares his personal thoughts on emerging technologies such as Chat GPT and what this could mean for marketing, content creation, and the way we work. Ben Watson highlights the basic principles of digital accessibility and why it is so important to keep these in mind to improve the user experience and inclusivity. Our article spotlight focuses on recent developments in generative AI and how disruption to assessments that these tools will bring, may not necessarily be a bad thing. We continue to explore data and AI through a range of free events taking place online and in-person, open to all as part of Bristol Data Week. Book you free space now through the online interactive schedule. I hope you take a moment to breath and enjoy the sunshine. Wishing you an excellent month!

Lead Article |
Exploring Perspectives on Emerging Technology in HE

Jordan Paterson, AUA

The recent developments in AI continue to be explosive and vast. AI-generated tools Midjourney and ChatGPT have thundered into public conversation, creating passionate dialogue over possible ethical implications. 

Read some considerations for the sector in adapting to this emerging technology and how we can be best prepared to respond.

This article features insight from a panel at Times HE’s HashtagHigherEdUK event at Newcastle University, entitled ‘Personalisation, content generation and gamification: How university marketing departments can embrace AI writing tools’. 

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Video | Digital accessibility as the fundamental building block for good user experience

Ben Watson, University of Kent

From the AUA archives, this session provides a review of the basic principles of digital accessibility and the broader benefits they provide to all users and organisations. There is also a review of the obligations for public sector bodies under the Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations (2018) and the opportunity to utilise accessible technologies to build better learning environments that will enable staff and students to maximise the value of digital information sources.

This session was organised by the AUA’s South regional network.

Watch the session

Article spotlight | How ChatGPT can help disrupt assessment overload

Times Higher Education

Our spotlight article is from David Carlees and focuses on the recent developments in generative AI, such as ChatGPT. Specifically, he looks at how they could be the catalyst for long-overdue reform in assessment type and frequency.

These reforms need careful thought and principled implementation within an already hard-pressed sector. To make space for these developments, now is an opportune moment to tackle the issue of assessment overload, too many assessments and limited opportunities for students to revise work iteratively.

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Event Spotlight |
Bristol Data Week 2023

Mon 5 – Fri 9 June |
Online and in-person

Each year the Jean Golding Institute at the University of Bristol run Bristol Data Week, a week-long event of interactive talks, training, and workshops, open to all and completely free of charge.

•    Learn to code in Python and R, from beginner to intermediate, at the Advanced Computing Research Centre’s training sessions.

•   In-person networking lunch at the Jean Golding Institute and a one-day ‘ event titled Connect, Collaborate, Create with Data and AI.’

Find out more and register

Issue #18: April 2023

Transformation in HE

In this edition we align with the AUA Conference theme of transformation in the HE sector. We have a lead article from Vikki Goddard who explores the value of hiring recent graduates and apprentices I share some of my personal career development journey as well as some practical tips to inspire transformation and growth. Our spotlight article is the sector-led review of the Professional Standards Framework (PSF) from Advance HE, used internationally to support and recognise staff development and benchmark success in teaching and learning in higher education. It’s not too late to register for the AUA Annual Conference and Exhibition at the University of Warwick. I hope you managed to get some rest and relaxation in over Easter and Eid Mubarak to those celebrating this week!

Lead Article |
Professional Services: a career of choice for those entering the world of work

Vikki Goddard, AUA Chair

The AUA will soon launch its new strategy, setting out the Association’s priorities for the next five years.

Our new direction will ensure that we support and facilitate those within the Professional Services community to consider their career options and achieve their ambitions. There will be a particular focus on attracting and developing early career individuals…

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Event Spotlight |
AUA Annual Conference and Exhibition

Sun 2 July – Tues 4 July

The theme for this year’s AUA Annual Conference and Exhibition is ‘Becoming a Higher Education Professional: Continual reinvention in a transforming sector.’

Our theme centres on the career pathways of professional staff and explores a continual self-reinvention to navigate a changing and challenging sector. 

This theme challenges the notion of having a fixed identity as a HE professional and instead offers that our professional self is fluid and in a perpetual state of self-overcoming – always learning, always changing, always growing.

Find out more and book on

Video | Career Insights

Chiara Singh,
Jean Golding Institute

Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor talks about working within the Jean Golding Institute and the unique skills needed to work in such a wide-ranging environment.

Chiara also talks about her side-line projects such as working on the BAME Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths committee and volunteering to edit this very bulletin!

Watch the video

Article Spotlight |
Revised ‘Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education 2023’ launched

Advance HE

Our spotlight article is the sector-led review of the Professional Standards Framework (PSF) from Advance HE, used internationally to support and recognise staff development and benchmark success in teaching and learning in higher education.

The PSF, which was last revised in 2011, is a framework used in many parts of the world to support and recognise staff development and benchmark success in teaching and learning in higher education.

PSF 2023 is the outcome of a sector-wide consultation with over 800 academics and higher education professionals from more than 20 countries.

Read the article

Issue #17: March 2023

Joanne Tallentire from AUA Consulting shares her experience of being a consultant and lessons learnt along the way. Felicia Amankwah and Christopher Addo investigate the role people play in digital transformation in The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana. Jonathan Dempsey shines a light on the going debate around AI, in the form of ChatGPT and pros and cons of its use in the HE Sector, including a response from ChatGPT itself!

There is still time to apply for the brilliant AUA PG Certificate in HE Administration, Management, and Leadership and we also need your perspectives on the work universities do to help students register to vote by taking part in the National Student Voting Survey.

Wishing you a great March and a very happy Holi to all celebrating love, light, and the arrival of Spring. Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023

Today we’re celebrating International Women’s day at the AUA,
and this week we spoke to our members at Cardiff University
and Bath Spa University to reflect on IWD and what it means to them, while offering advice to women on how to navigate their career journeys.

Watch the video

Digital Transformation of HE Governance – Learning from beyond the Sector

Lucy Dixon
Fola Ikpehai,
SUMS Consultin

Outside the HE sector, ‘governance’ primarily exists to manage risks through a consistent, transparent decision-making process, and works differently between different organisations and industries.

Increasingly, organisations are looking to support their decisions through better use of data and technology, driving both quality and consistency in their practices.

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My experience of working as an HE consultant

Joanne Tallentire,
AUA Consulting

I started my first job in HE in 1990 and my professional journey has certainly involved moments of reinvention in the context of significant and continual sector-wide transformation.

One of these came two decades into my career when I moved sideways from a senior role in Registry to head up Admissions in a Marketing and Communications division. That decision opened up a fascinating new career path for me and broadened my professional experience significantly.

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Improving the digital experience of university administrators Post-COVID: The KNUST experience

Felicia Amankwah
Christopher Addo, 
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Higher Education Institutions’ (HEIs) growth, development, and upkeep depend on their administrators. They participate in daily activities and play a significant role in the operations and directions of the university as a whole.

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My experience of AI: Arguing its Place in Higher Education

Jonathan Dempsey, 
Brunel University London

The integration of AI into higher education is a topic that is being met with both excitement and apprehension. While it is clear that these technologies have the potential to bring significant advancements to the sector, there are also concerns that must be addressed.

While these concerns are valid, it is important to also consider the potential benefits of using AI in higher education. The arguments for and against the use of AI in the sector are ongoing and will be continued to be debated.

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Course Spotlight:
AUA PgCert in HE Administration, Management and Leadership

12-month online course | Application deadline 13 March 2023

The AUA PgCert is a self-directed, independent, work-based learning programme for higher education professionals working within UK higher education.

In collaboration with Nottingham Trent University, the AUA’s online postgraduate programme is designed specifically for professional services staff working in the UK HE sector.

Find out more apply

Survey spotlight:
Call for Evidence: National Student Voting Survey
Purpose Union

The UK Democracy Fund is funding Purpose Union to research how universities help their students register to vote, in line with requirements under the Office for Students, and any barriers they are facing.

As part of this study, Purpose Union has issued a call for evidence to all university staff whose responsibility this falls under.

Take the survey

Issue #16: February 2023

Reflections: Looking backward & looking ahead

I hope you are settling in well to 2023, the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit symbolising prosperity, longevity, and good fortune. This edition revolves around reflection, looking back at lessons learnt at the Autumn Conference, and looking ahead, toward opportunities for growth.

Laura Dhesi and Vicki Lancey from the University of Worcester, provide practical strategies to combat imposter syndrome, and Colin Ferguson, AUA Executive Director, provides a much-anticipated update on the transformation of our professional body. Rachel Hill-Kelly from the Quality Assurance Agency for HE, shares her thoughts on collaborating to work towards a sustainable future, and Nav Ahmed, explores how we can develop an inclusive curriculum which meets the needs of an increasingly diverse student population.

Come join us to celebrate LGBT+ History Month and its theme of #Behind the Lens, examining LGBT+ peoples’ contributions to cinema and film and their lived experiences. Why not take part in a new reciprocal mentoring programme for HE staff who identify as being from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background, facilitated by The Association of Heads of University Administration.

Whatever you do, have a great month and don’t forget to be kind to one another, especially as random acts of kindness day is almost upon us! – Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Lead Article |
What if I’m not good enough? A reflection on presenting at the AUA Autumn Conference

Laura Dhesi and Vicki Lancey,
University of Worcester

We’ve all been there. That apprehension building while you wait for the right time to click on the meeting link.

As the processing icon spins in front of you, the message pops up telling you that your host will let you in soon, the tension builds, your stomach may knot, your chest gets a little tighter, breathing a little shallower as you start to wonder…’what if I’m not good enough?’

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How can we develop an inclusive curriculum which meets the needs of an increasingly diverse student population?

Nav Ahmed,
Arden University

…It is clear that we must recognise and celebrate the wonderful diversity of our student population. This must be the starting point. Such a rich variety of cultures and experiences represents a real opportunity and is not to be missed. 

Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the curriculum provides ample scope to share knowledge, to compare ideas and to learn from one another…

Read the article

Programme Spotlight | AHUA Reciprocal Mentoring Programme

Association of Heads of University Administration (AHUA)

AHUA announces the launch of a reciprocal mentoring scheme between senior Professional Service staff who identify as being from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background in HE, and AHUA members.

The programme will recruit senior staff of colour (Mentors) and AHUA members (AHUA Mentors) to work together in one-to-one pairings over a period of 12 months.

Deadline: Friday 17 February 2023 at 17.00

Find out more

Reflections on the AUA Autumn conference, sharing ideas, and sustainability in Higher Education

Rachel Hill-Kelly,
The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education

The sector has made progress in tackling its use of physical resources, buildings, printing and travel.

There is increasingly conversation around sustainability in higher education, and attempts to further improve the sector position such as the EUAC Standardised Carbon Emissions Framework (SCEF)

Read the article

Video |
AUA: A New Direction

Panel session at the University of Bath

Colin Ferguson, the AUA’s Executive Officer, travelled to the University of Bath last month to take part in a panel session with AUA Honorary President Keith Zimmerman and AUA Trustee Loretta Gibson, to engage local AUA members, advocates and stakeholders about the future of the AUA and how its plans to place itself at the heart of members’ needs in an evolving sector.

Watch the video

Event spotlight |
Come join us on one or both of our upcoming free events, open to members and non-members, to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month

7-16 February

•  From the Closet to Pride: Experiences of a gay man in UK HE
Tues, 7 Feb 2023 Online via Zoom | Find out more

•  Gender in academic and semi-academic circles
Thurs, 16 Feb 2023 Online via Zoom | Find out more

Issue #15: December 2022

Reflections on National Career Development Month

This edition we reflect on November as National Career Development Month, with an article from Vikki Goddard, AUA Chair and Consultant, on her professional development journey and lessons learned along the way. The top tips and advice continues with Amanda Owen-Meehan’s perspective on how taking a coaching approach can help to navigate career dilemmas. AUA Advocate, Natalia Crisanti, shares her experience of being part of a local university AUA network, including guidance for starting and growing your own network. Dr Ella Popper discusses how to engage the unengaged and develop influencing skills to build stronger working relations for those working as ‘third space’ professionals.

Do you have an innovative idea that would transform HE institutions for the better? If so, why not enter our Dr Jonathan Nicholls Memorial Essay Prize competition for a chance to win a £1000 cash prize. Join us for the Aspiring Academic Registrars workshop in London this December and it’s not too late to provide feedback on Development Monthly to be in with chance to win a £20 voucher.

Wishing you a great month, a wonderful Christmas break, and Happy New Year when it comes! – Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Lead Article |
My career development journey

Vikki Goddard,
AUA Chair /
Vikki Goddard Consulting

Like many of us working in HE Professional Services, I didn’t grow up thinking this would be my career.  In fact, I didn’t have a strong leaning towards anything at all so staying in HE after my degrees was probably as good a place as any.  And that is one of the issues that we are thinking about as we undertake our fundamental strategic review of what AUA is here for … but more of that later. 

I came into HE administration and management at a time when it was usual, and expected…

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Enthuse your local network, make meaningful connections, and develop your career

Natalia Crisanti, University of Kent

Why bother with a local AUA network at your institution? Is it worth the hassle? And how do you get it off the ground?

My name’s Natalia, and I started being the AUA advocate at the University of Kent in 2020, as that seemed like a good additional task to add to my already frightening list in the midst of a lockdown with a busy job in communication in Student Services, and two young children at home!…

Read the article

Competition spotlight |
Dr Jonathan Nicholls Memorial Essay Prize Competition

Association of Heads of University Administrators (AHUA)

The competition is open to anyone working in, or studying at, an HE institution or with links to the sector.

Entrants are required to write an essay of 3,000 –  5,000 words on:
Higher Education Reimagined: identify one innovative idea that would transform HE institutions for the better and consider how we make it happen in practice.

The winning essay will be published in the journal Perspectives and the winner will receive a £1,000 cash prize which will be awarded at an Awards Ceremony in central London in June 2023.

Find out more

How taking a coaching approach can help you figure out your 
career dilemma

Amanda Owen Meehan Consulting

It turns out that the long-held vision of entering a career sector and gradually climbing your way to the top of a ‘ladder’ with each step bringing more money and an impressive job title doesn’t always do us any favours.

At one point or another we’ve all faced big decisions at work and in our careers. My work as a career and leadership coach involves helping my clients through many career challenges.

Read the article

Video |
Engaging the unengaged

Dr Ella Popper, AUA

Dr Ella Popper, Head of Professional Development at the AUA, discusses the topic of her recent staff development working session at Nottingham Trent University, ‘Engaging the Unengaged’.

The session was for Educational Developers, who are often defined as ‘third space’ professionals, a term associated with roles that span the academic/non-academic continuum. This session focussed on developing influencing skills to effectively build stronger working relationships working in the third space.

Watch the video

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Issue #14: November 2022

One-year anniversary edition

This month we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Development Monthly and we want to hear from you! Take part in our short survey below to have your say and be in with a chance of winning a £20 Amazon voucher. This edition we round off Black History Month (BHM) with an article from Heidi Flanagan on her personal insights on professional development goals including a BHM wellbeing toolkit. Charlie Tennant shares his top five C’s on balancing work, life, study, and more: consolidate, connect, communicate, control, and celebrate! Our article spotlight focuses on the ‘Future of Higher Education’ including the impact of external influences from the pandemic to rapid advances in technology. Last but not least, for those new to the HE Sector, or if you’re in need of a refresh, join us for an ‘Introduction to Higher Education’ online webinar #Intro2HE. We remember those who fought for us this Remembrance Day, and why not carry out a random act of kindness for World Kindness Day on 13th. Wishing you a great month and to those celebrating Día de Muertos and Guy Fawkes, take care and wrap up warm.
Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Lead Article | Professional Development Reviews 2021-22. So how did we all do?

Heidi Flanagan, University of Winchester

I am a Black woman who has worked in higher education for 10 years. I offer these insights to fellow professional services colleagues considering their career path. How does the door to the next Level open?

Read the article

The Future Of Higher Education: What It Means For Students And Educators

Glenn Llopis, Forbes

Higher education is facing one of its biggest periods of unknowns in recent memory. There’s not a single person or aspect of education that hasn’t been utterly shaken by the pandemic.

But that’s not the only source of uncertainty. Technology changes so fast, the skills we master in school are constantly changing and becoming outdated in a matter of years. Some of the most exciting career opportunities might be for roles that don’t even exist yet in industries we can’t even imagine.

Read the article

Top five tips

Charlie Tennant, University of Greenwich

Charlie Tennant is Head of Business Operations at the University of Greenwich, where he also teaches Business Strategy Teacher to third year Undergraduates. Outside of Greenwich, Charlie is the Vice Chair at Barking and Dagenham College, has completed an Executive MBA and is about to start a doctorate.

Where does he find the time do it all?

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Help shape Development Monthly


As AUA Development Monthly turns 1-year old, we’d love to hear our reader’s feedback on the bulletin and how we can improve to best engage with the issues, questions and conversations in HE that are relevant to professionals in the sector today.

‘Are we missing a trick? What would you like to see featured in future editions? How can we best service our community?’

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Event spotlight |
Introduction to Higher Education

Wednesday, 30 November 2022 | Online via Zoom

This introduction to UK higher education provides you with an overview of the sector. A brief look back at the historical developments lays the foundation on which to explore the more recent changes and the current influences and their impact. 

Find out more

Issue #13: September 2022

Autumn is here and it’s Black History Month

Autumn is here and as the days get shorter and the leaves turn auburn, grab a tea or coffee, to celebrate International Coffee Day and take some time out to recognise World Mental Health Day. In this Edition Patrick Johnson kicks off Black History Month with a reflective article on his experiences in HE and the representation of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic people at senior levels. Colin Ferguson, AUA Executive Director, shares details of his professional journey and discusses the future of the AUA. In the aftermath of the Queen’s passing, Mark Ratcliffe shares his blog on the relationship HE has with royalty. We also share some book recommendations on good reads for Black History Month and invite you to join us online for the AUA Autumn Conference. I’d also like to wish everyone a delightful Diwali, a sweet Samhain, and a happy Halloween. Stay safe, wrap up warm, and have a good month. – Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Lead Article | EDI at senior levels of HE

Patrick Johnson, University of Law

I have worked in education for over 30 years, including 20+ years in higher education. As I reflect on this time I have been wondering how much has changed, in terms of diversity and inclusion. Do I feel included and part of the university community? Are there more staff working in higher education who look like me, particularly in middle and senior management roles?

Read the article

Crown Assets

Mike Ratcliffe, Academic Administrator, HE Blogger and Historian 

British universities have had a long relationship with royalty. It has been mixed: sometimes very close, sometimes in direct antagonism. Now, with the Crown’s role so limited, the relationship might appear limited —although, as the Levelling Up white paper suggested, not irrelevant.

Read the article

In conversation

Colin Ferguson, AUA

Talking to AHUA (Association of Heads of University Administrators), Colin Ferguson, AUA Executive Director, shares details of his career history and talks about how the AUA is looking to the future.

Watch the video

What we’re reading for Black History Month

Serina Sandhu, iNews

Audre Lorde – Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches
Find out more

Chinua Achebe – Things Fall Apart
Find out more

Reni Eddo-Lodge – I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race
Find out more

Event spotlight |
AUA Autumn Conference 2022

Thursday, 17 November 2022 | Online via Zoom

This conference ​will offer a unique opportunity to explore the experiences of all professional services staff and the role you play in creating a positive, lasting digital transformation in higher education.

Find out more

Issue #12: August 2022

Back to life, back to reality: a new academic year

As we slide into September and welcome new students, this edition focuses on getting back to life, back to reality, and the start of a new academic year. Margaret L. Ruwoldt provides an international perspective on continued professional development, and Anastasia Orekhov, Social Media Editor for Perspectives, ( shares her top tips on comms and promotion. Jordan Kirkwood tells us more about his new role as Associate Director at KCL and we shine a spotlight on the impact of potential student fee increases. Come join us at the Change Network Annual Open Forum or at one of the exciting focus groups to feed into the future strategy and direction of the AUA. Wishing you all a great month! – Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Lead Article | An international perspective

Margaret L Ruwoldt,
Association for Tertiary Education Management

In 2014 the University of Melbourne reorganised its entire administrative structure. Every professional staff role was reviewed and redesigned; hundreds ceased to exist. Some staff were appointed directly into the new structure; most had to apply for a place, within or outside the university. After supporting my team through their individual career changes, eventually it was my turn.

Read the article

Perspectives: Tips for comms and promotion

Anastasia Orekhov, London Business School and for Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education 

Having worked in the education sector for most of my career, some twenty plus years, it may be surprising that this year was my first visit to the AUA annual conference. I have been aware of the AUA as an organisation for some time but have only recently started realising the benefits.

Read the article

Shaping the future of the AUA

Focus group sessions | 13 – 16 September

This is your chance to contribute your feedback to help the AUA best meet the needs of HE professionals in the sector as part of one of our focus group sessions.

In September, we will be holding a series of online focus group sessions to engage with both members and non-members alike in order to shape the AUA’s strategy and direction.

To say thank you, all volunteers who participate in one of our focus group sessions will receive a £10 Amazon gift card on us.

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Changing Jobs

Jordan Kirkwood, King’s College London

Jordan James Kirkwood Cmgr MCMI, Associate Director, Education at King’s College London (PACE), discussed his new role, his career progression, the application process and advice for others looking to follow in similar footsteps.

Watch the video

Article Spotlight |
University tuition fee rise in UK would deter disadvantaged students from applying, education leaders warn

Serina Sandhu, iNews

Record numbers of disadvantaged students in the UK have applied to go to university this year, according to official figures that also show international recruitment has held up with a surge in applications from Nigeria, India and China.

 Read the article

Event spotlight |
Change Network Annual Open Forum 2022

Monday 10 October 2022 | Woburn House, London

We’re hosting its Annual Open Forum for those AUA members (and non-members) interested in improving practice on managing change in higher education. There will be an opportunity to share good and bad practice, network, and consider how to work more collaboratively.

Find out more

Issue #11: July 2022

AUA on holiday

As August approaches, in the aftermath of the fantastic AUA Conference and Exhibition, I hope you take some time to rest, recharge, relax, and spend time with family and friends. The theme for this edition is ‘the AUA on Holiday’ as we encourage you to take a break from your laptop, whether that’s in your garden or local park, a well-deserved staycation, or a more exotic destination abroad. Sometimes the best way to recharge our batteries is to unplug them! To tie in with Love Parks Week, Sara Corcoran and Sophie Lovejoy write about the benefits of being outside. Tina Woods shares her reflections and insights as a first-time attendee of the AUA Annual Conference, and members of our very own Editorial Board share a digital glimpse into their favourite holiday destinations and the benefits of taking a break. Have a great month and remember, taking time to do nothing, often brings everything into perspective.

Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Lead Article |
The benefits of being outside

Sara Corcoran
Sophie Lovejoy,
Thinking Outside Ltd

You really need to get out more… yes, each and every one of you, because most of us are almost certainly spending more of our awake time than is good for us in front of a screen.

If you’re honest with yourself, how much time do you spend in front of a screen each day? Perhaps you get up, have a scroll through social media, scan WonkHE with your morning cuppa, log on for a day’s work, check online for a recipe or to look at the news once you’re done for the day, then settle down for a drama or a movie in the evening. It all adds up. 

Read the article

Reflections on the AUA Annual Conference: Covid, Conga and Authenticity

Tina Woods,
Cardiff University

Having worked in the education sector for most of my career, some twenty plus years, it may be surprising that this year was my first visit to the AUA annual conference. I have been aware of the AUA as an organisation for some time but have only recently started realising the benefits.

Read the article

Postcards from the Editorial Board

Editorial Board,
Development Monthly

The Development Monthly Editorial Board share their experiences on holiday, and why it’s important to take time away from your role, to perform better in your role.

Read the postcards

Article Spotlight |
Record numbers of
UK students apply for university

Sally Weale,
The Guardian

Record numbers of disadvantaged students in the UK have applied to go to university this year, according to official figures that also show international recruitment has held up with a surge in applications from Nigeria, India and China.

 Read the article

What we’re reading |
Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

Dr Julie Smith

Drawing on years of experience as a clinical psychologist, online sensation Dr Julie Smith provides the skills you need to navigate common life challenges and take charge of your emotional and mental health. Her debut book is packed with tools for looking after your mental health and well being during August and beyond.

Find out more

Issue #10: June 2022

Wellbeing and mental health

As we move into July, I hope that you have an opportunity to reflect on the immense change and uncertainty we have navigated over the past two years. As we continue to adapt, develop, and embrace new ways of working it’s important to take time out to relax, recharge, to be thankful for family, friends, and to really put things into perspective. The theme for this edition is Mental Health and Wellbeing aligning with World Wellbeing Week. Mariyana Bushara shares her mental health journey and provides advice on managing your mental wellbeing beyond the pandemic. Patrick Johnson explores why there is a lack of diversity in HE leadership and Myles Hanlon looks at how universities can support LGBTQ+ students beyond Pride month. Have a great month and I look forward to seeing you at the AUA Conference next week! – Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Lead Article | My mental health journey: the ups and downs

Mariyana Bushara,
Freelance Consultant

It was a normal day during the October half term, I woke up in the morning and everything felt different. I had no energy or motivation to get out of bed. All my thoughts felt dark and cloudy. It was a strange feeling that I never experienced before. Dragging myself out of bed, I spent the whole day dwelling on past events and worrying about future ones…

Read the article

Webinar |
Your mental wellness beyond the pandemic |

Mariyana Bushara, Freelance Consultant

In this webinar, Mariyana Bushara discusses and provides advice on managing your mental wellbeing beyond the pandemic.

Watch the webinar

What we’re reading | The Philosophy of higher education: A critical introduction

Ronald Barnett

Providing a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy of higher education, through the lens of ecological realism, this text presents an imaginative way through the field and leads it into new areas.

Find out more

Video | I cannot be what I cannot see: Ethnic diversity in HE leadership

Patrick Johnson, University of Law

Patrick discusses the theme of his session at the AUA Annual Conference 2022 (7 and 8 July, University of Manchester), exploring ethnic diversity in higher education. It will raise questions and challenges as to why there is a lack of diversity and how we can reshape our future to be more inclusive.

 Watch the video

Article Spotlight |
How universities can support LGBTQ+ students beyond Pride month

Myles Hanlon, Universities UK

While this display of solidarity for the LGBTQ+ community is respected, we all know this is not the full story. A recent report by Stonewall reveals some harrowing realities of being LGBTQ+ at university: almost 1 in 4 LGBTQ+ students say that their university doesn’t demonstrate visible commitment to trans equality, while 1 in 10 LGBTQ+ students say that their university lacks visible commitment to LGB equality.

 Read the article

Event Spotlight | AUA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022

7 and 8 July | University Place, University of Manchester

We are proud to present our programme of expert presenters, lively debate and the latest learning from your colleagues across the AUA with 40 working sessions. Following a prolonged period of uncertainty and change, join us as we ask, ‘What now? and reflect on recent learnings and experiences, share experiences and consider the challenging questions so we can look ahead and shape our future.

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Issue #9: May 2022

Learning and Teaching in HE

As June approaches, the theme for this month’s edition is Learning and Teaching in HE. Samima Hussain shares insights from her Professional Development journey and how this has affected her Personal Growth. Sarah Smith speaks to us about the power of emotions including how emotional labour and emotional contagion affects us all. Suzanne Crane, Network Coordinator of the AUA’s HE in FE network, reflects on experiences that shaped her throughout her career in HE. Check out our spotlight article that poses the question, just what is the real objective of education, and should we focus more on learning or teaching? Whatever your thoughts, do enjoy the sunshine and the extra-long Jubilee bank holiday weekend. Have a great month!

Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Lead Article | Continued Professional Development as Personal Growth:
My journey as a HE professional

Samima Hussain,
Coventry University

A quick search on Google and most organisations and accredited bodies will define CPD as “a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques that will help you manage your own learning and growth.” (CIPD website, 2022).  The empathise is placed firmly on practical results and the impact on your professional development. My own CPD journey at the beginning of my career has been anything but!…

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Webinar |
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Article Spotlight |
‘The Objective of Education Is Learning, Not Teaching’

Knowledge at Wharton

In their book, ‘Turning Learning Right Side Up: Putting Education Back on Track,’ authors Russell L. Ackoff and Daniel Greenberg point out that today’s education system is seriously flawed — it focuses on teaching rather than learning…

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What we’re reading | Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential 

Carol Dweck 

it’s not just our abilities and talent that bring us success-but whether we approach them with a fixed or growth mindset. Dweck makes clear why praising intelligence and ability doesn’t foster self-esteem and lead to accomplishment, but may actually jeopardise success…

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Video | The power of emotions in the leadership of change

Sarah Smith, University of Edinburgh

More than ever, it is important for leaders to grapple with the impact of their emotions, for themselves and for the people that they lead.  In particular, to understand what keeps them afloat and what threatens their buoyancy; and how they impact (intentionally or otherwise) on the emotional energy of others around them. 

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Opinion piece |
Musings and observations on a career in HE

Suzanne Crane, New College Durham

Other than a couple of years working in retail whilst doing my degree, majority of my working life has been dedicated to Higher Education. This article will give you an outline of my background and personal interactions with education, as well as my observations, musings and thoughts on what I have learned over the years that I have worked and studied in HE, and also where I believe the sector needs to move towards. 

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Event Spotlight | Introduction to Higher Education

14 June 2022 |  09:30-16:00 | Woburn House, London

This introduction to UK higher education provides you with an overview of the sector. A brief look back at the historical developments lays the foundation on which to explore the more recent changes and the current influences and their impact.

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Issue #8: April 2022

Change in the HE landscape

As we move into May, the theme for this month’s edition is Change in the HE Landscape. Fola Ikpehai provides her perspective of Change Management in HE, before and during the pandemic. Dr Ella Popper and Jordan Paterson celebrate networks, and Kate Moss shares what it’s like to be an AUA Network Coordinator in honour of the National Day for Staff Networks on 11th May. To celebrate Learning at Work Week, 16-22 May, Thea Gibbs discusses understanding power dynamics on campus, and I reveal how you can help to shape the future of Development Monthly and contribute to content. Read the Executive Director of the AUA, Colin Ferguson’s reply to the provocations raised in letter to the editor, in the previous edition of Development Monthly, which hints that great change is on the horizon. Have a great month, remember to reflect, and be kind to one another! – Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Lead Article | Change Management in Higher Education – Pre-, During and Post-Pandemic

Fola Ikpehai, SUMS Consulting

Universities are about creating knowledge – disseminating and engaging people in that creation in a way that most other organisations do not. The culture in institutions is often siloed, and individual loyalty is often to the faculty, college, school or department…

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Development Monthly Live @ AUA Annual Conference

Chiara Singh, University of Bristol

Are you fed up of being pigeon holed solely as an Administrator? Do you want to contribute to shaping the future of the AUA whilst building your network? Are you a budding writer or creative mind that can share your story with the AUA community? If so…then this session is for you!

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Article Spotlight |
4 trends that will shape the future of higher education

World Economic Forum

In most countries, higher education is inaccessible to the socio-economically underprivileged, certifies knowledge rather than nurtures learning, and focuses on easily-outdated knowledge. In brief, it is failing on both counts of quality and access.

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What we’re reading | The Heart of Change: Real-Life Stories of How People Change Their Organizations

John P. Kotter

“Why is organizational change so hard? Because in order to make any transformation successful, you must change more than just the structure and operations of an organization—you need to change people’s behavior. And that is never easy.”
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Video | Power dynamics on Campus

Thea Gibbs, UCL

Thea Gibbs examines the experiences of professional services staff along the spectrum of organisational structures from highly centralised to highly devolved, and how individuals can navigate the complexities and challenges inherent in each type.

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Happy Networks Day!:

Dr Ella Popper and Jordan Peterson, AUA

The 11 May marks the National Day for Staff Networks, the world’s only nationwide day dedicated to recognising networks/resource groups and the incredible value they add to the workplace.

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Response to Letter to the Editor

Colin Ferguson, AUA Executive Director

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the candour of your letter. As you rightly point out, recent times have given us cause for reflection, and I believe reflection is only useful if we consider the uncomfortable questions. To avoid these can merely be an exercise in flattery…

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Event Spotlight | Learning at Work Week 2022

Across the AUA

Join us from Monday 16 – Friday 20 May 2022 for a series of free, online sessions open to all AUA members and non-members to attend.

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Issue #7: March 2022

As Easter approaches, I hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine and let’s take a moment to be grateful for the shelter, warmth, and loved ones we often take for granted. This month’s edition is about Shaping the Future of HE, featuring content from our programme of speakers at the AUA Conference 2022 (7-8 July).  James Newby shares insights on the role of new providers and Sarah Smith delves into the power of emotions in the leadership of change. Aidan Grills examines student expectations and Rachel Soper explores sustainability in the midst of the pandemic. To tie in with World Autism Acceptance Week, Joe McAllister looks at using the ‘chimp model’ to deal with uncertainty and Dr Ella Popper reflects on Times Higher Education’s Digital Universities Week. We also introduce a new feature, ‘Letter to the Editor’. Jonathan Dempsey ponders provocative thoughts on the title ‘Administrators’, what the AUA represents, and stands for in 2022. Please do share your own thoughts on social media @The_AUA #Develop, or why not write a letter to the editor yourself, anonymous or otherwise to Have a great month and enjoy the Easter Holidays. – Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

Lead Article | New providers: levelling up or just noisy upstarts?

James Newby, NMITE

“Can the Higher Education sector keep up with the new “levelling up” agenda of skills training, vocational courses, widening participation and community regeneration? Universities are constantly innovating and developing their offerings to address these topics, but it is new providers that are emerging with missions built entirely around these issues.”

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Opinion Piece | Taking it to heart: The power of emotions in the leadership of change

Sarah Smith, University of Edinburgh

How do mixtures of emotions like this show up in the way we lead and engage with our work colleagues?  How do we impact the emotions and emotional energy of those around us; and how do their emotions frame what they hear or sense in what we say and do? …
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Video | Student expectations

Aidan Grills, Leeds University Union

Aidan Grills, Chief Executive of Leeds University Union, discusses the Union’s research into student expectations post-pandemic.

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Letter to the Editor | Some questions (provocations)
for the AUA

Jonathan Dempsey, New College of the Humanities

Now this letter is not setting out to denigrate or talk down the AUA, in fact I’m involved in many ways as a mentor and on the advisory board for this very publication I’m writing to, however I want to provoke a conversation about who we are as an organisation…

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Video | Reflections:
Sustainability in HE

Rachel Soper, SOS-UK

Rachel Soper, Senior Project Manager for Engagement at Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK), reflects on the priority of sustainability at HE institutions post pandemic post pandemic.
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Dealing with change and uncertainty by using the chimp model 

Joe McAllister, University of Bristol

The last few years have been such a rollercoaster ride for us all. Within HE the challenges that professional services staff have faced are immense, and while we’ve had to quickly adapt our working practices to meet the needs of our academic and student partners…
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Reflections from THE Digital Universities Week UK: Connect, learn, transform.

Dr Ella Popper, AUA

We are all acutely aware of the rise of digital technology in the higher education (HE) sector, the use of which has accelerated since the pivot to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is an increasing urgency in the sector to digitally transform…
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Event Spotlight | Managing Distressed Students

Julie Rea, Plinth House

Thursday, 7 April 2022 – Online |
In this half-day online training event, we will start by exploring the nature of distress and the way in which a student might present.  We will then explore a range of practical skills you need to respond to students in distress, invaluable skills whether you are a manager of a large student-facing team or a new member of staff in your first role in higher education.

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What we’re reading | Digital Transformation and Disruption of Higher Education

Andreas Kaplan

Kaplan analyses higher education’s digital transformation and potential disruption from a holistic point of view, providing a balanced and critical account from a variety of interdisciplinary viewpoints. 

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Issue #6: February 2022

Issue #6: February 2022

Continuing Professional Development

As we slide into March, my thoughts go out to the international community at this time and any loved ones that may be affected by the events unfolding. The theme of this month’s bulletin is Continuing Professional Development, looking at how a combination of approaches, ideas, and techniques can help to manage your personal learning and growth. To celebrate International Women’s Day and its theme: #Breakthebias on the 8 March, Annette Cooke shares her top tips for CPD in HE and Gillian Davis discusses her move into a new role at the University of Law. We highlight some great reflective practice frameworks that can be used to increase self-awareness and Hugh Jones puts forward three pointers to consider when thinking about personal development. To tie in with Neurodiversity Celebration Week, 21-27 March, join us for Neurodiversity 101, a course to increase inclusivity and understanding of what neurodiversity means. Enjoy your pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and have a wonderful month.
Chiara Singh, Development Monthly Editor

In this issue…

Lead Article | Taking your chances: pointers for your professional development

Hugh Jones, Hugh Jones Consulting

When I started my consultancy, having worked in ‘proper jobs’ within the HE sector for the best part of 25 years, one of the early things to think about was how to set a fee. This is an interesting question – it’s not only about how much you’d like, it’s about how much the market can stand…

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Article spotlight | ‘Getting started with Reflective Practice’

Teaching and Learning Team,
Cambridge International Education

This article highlights reflective practice frameworks which you can apply to CPD in HE service professions. Although the article is framed for those in teaching positions, the frameworks and content is transferable and may be applied to your role.
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Video | Top five tips – CPD in HE

Annette Cooke, University of Salford

When I started my consultancy, having worked in ‘proper jobs’ within the HE sector for the best part of 25 years, one of the early things to think about was how to set a fee. This is an interesting question – it’s not only about how much you’d like, it’s about how much the market can stand…

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Video | Changing Jobs

Gillian Davis, University of Law

Gillian Davis, newly-appointed Director of Assessment Organisation and Delivery, discusses her recent move into the role, her career journey and advice for those looking to follow in a similar path.
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Event spotlight | Neurodiversity 101

Pete Quinn, Pete Quinn Consulting

Neurodiversity is still a relatively recent concept covering a range of neurological conditions including Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Developmental Language Disorder.

The course provides delegates with an awareness of what neurodiverse diagnoses or profiles consist of, what they mean and how an inclusive approach can be taken to enable and empower neurodiverse leaders, colleagues, students and visitors.
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This month, we’re reading| The Chimp Paradox:
Mind Management to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness

Steve Peters

Psychiatrist Steve Peters shares his phenomenally successful mind-management programme that has been used to help elite athletes and senior managers alike to conquer their fears and operate with greater control, focus and confidence.
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Issue #5: January 2022

Issue #5: January 2022

Blended working

Happy New Year and welcome back to the world of HE. If the holiday period is already starting to feel like a distant memory, grab a hot drink and take a break with this month’s edition themed around blended working.

This edition is packed full of tips and tricks to navigate blended working, as well as exploring what the future of work could look like. We have a range of original contributions from HE professionals across the sector as well as an article spotlight in which Amy Cuddy sheds light on ‘Pandemic Flux Syndrome’. Also, during February join us to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month to understand how we can enhance the staff and student experience. 

Whether you’re reading this from your office, kitchen table, or home workspace, let’s remember to be kind to one another and take a moment to reflect. Have a great week – Chiara Singh, Editor, Development Monthly

In this issue…

Lead article | Approaches to navigating the blended working environment

Roseanna Cross and Jill Walsh, University of Bristol

Covid-19 has presented challenges not only in how we work but also how we undertake our lives; whether this is due to adapting to working remotely, juggling home-schooling with work, or keeping our remote teams connected with each other and with the wider organisation while still retaining a good balance between work and life. 
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Video | Changing jobs

Jim Irving, Solent University

Jim Irving, University Secretary and Registrar at Solent University, discusses his recent move into the role, his career journey and advice for those looking to follow in a similar path
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Article spotlight | ‘Why this stage of the pandemic makes us so anxious’

Amy Cuddy and JillEllyn Riley, (Washington Post)

 Social psychologist Amy Cuddy, best known for her popularisation of ‘power posing’, highlights the issue of ‘pandemic flux syndrome’, with JillEllyn Riley.
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Video | Talking blended working

Mark Hollingsworth, University of Birmingham

Mark Hollingsworth, Director of Registry and Academic Affairs at the University of Birmingham, discusses blended working and offers advice to managers and teams, as we begin to establish a post-pandemic working environment. 
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Opinion piece | Is the future of work blended?

Jill Walsh and Roseanna Cross, University of Bristol

The future of work, be it referred to as blended or hybrid, has been an often talked about subject over the last 24 months and one of the pandemic legacies that few leaders and managers might have anticipated when the mandate to work at home was given in March 2020. 
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Event spotlight | Understanding and enhancing the LGBTQ+ staff and student experience

Sean Russell, Get out Stay Out

Despite changes in the law over the years, LGBTQ+ staff and students continue to face major challenges affecting their work, employability and well-being.
This webinar will provide an opportunity to explore and discuss the LGBTQ+ experience in HE institutions and focus on strategies for enabling positive change to create cultures where LGBTQ+ colleagues and students can thrive
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Issue #4: December 2021

Annual wrap up

This month in Development Monthly, we’re looking back at some of our most popular content from the year, with highlights to help you plan and prepare for your future development goals ahead.

We’d also like to wish all of our readers a very happy Christmas and look forward to providing you with more content to support your HE career in 2022 – AUA Development Monthly team

In this issue…

AUA Mentoring

Matthew Maloney

In 2021 we launched a brand-new, sector-wide mentoring programme. The programme is an opportunity for you to use the mentor relationship to empower you on your career journey, improve your professional practice and support your professional development. As the largest association of HE professionals in the UK, with members in roles covering the full-breadth of professional services, the AUA is uniquely positioned to offer this programme.
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Lean Six Sigma for HE professionals

Luke Philimore and Alex Spencer

The University of Nottingham’s Senior Lean Practitioners, Luke Phillimore and Alex Spencer, talk about Lean Six Sigma and its effectiveness in HE, and the online courses they are currently offering online with the AUA.
Watch the video

Moving widening participation outreach online: Challenge or opportunity?

Jon Rainford

Education researcher and Sociologist Dr Jon Rainford sits down with Perspectives Editorial Chair, Matthew Andrews, to discuss his article from Perspectives: “Moving widening participation outreach online: Challenge or opportunity?”. Watch now

AUA Archive | Changing the lens on mental health

Alastair Campbell

For ten years Alastair Campbell was Tony Blair’s right hand man as communications strategist and chief spokesman, and remains a key figure on the political stage.

At our 2020 Annual Lecture, Campbell spoke about his own mental health, the challenges, and how he has grown, not in spite of, but because of them. Watch the video

Time for some quiet leadership?

Steph O’Halloran

The people-management challenges facing university leaders and managers are enormous, from motivating and supporting teams who now work from home for at least some of the time, to dealing with the mental health challenges that the impact of Covid-19 has had on so many people (as explored in earlier AUA blogs by Alison Levey and Pete Quinn).  So how do we ensure that those leaders and managers have the right qualities to effectively handle this paradigm shift in the world of work? Read the article

AUA CPD Planner video

Simon Moore

The AUA CPD Framework is a versatile tool that supports the career development of higher education professionals. It works on an organisational and individual level, for professionals at all career stages, and can be applied across all roles in the sector.

Take a look at how you can use the interactive CPD Planner to get outcomes tailored to you and your development needs.

Watch the video

Issue #3: November 2021

Sustainability in HE

This month in Development Monthly we are focusing on the theme of sustainability. Approaching the theme from two different perspectives, we, of course, look at issues around environmental sustainability, but we also broaden the theme to consider the sustainability of our sector and of our roles within it.

In this issue…

Sustainability in higher education

Andy Nolan

“Universities across the UK were prominent at COP26.
Our students protested and our academics gave evidence. In the most populous of COPs our universities were there. Never before has a COP meeting been such a circus. To those who were there – well done. You ensured that leaders, politicians and civil servants knew just how important all this is.
We saw Glasgow packed and the Glasgow pact signed but just as the final cards were being played our croupier, Alok Sharma, admitted it nearly all fell apart as China and India played aggressive hands and the pact nearly cracked. The phasing down, as opposed to phasing out, of coal was a significant and defining moment for the conference but also the Paris Agreement.” Read the article

Opinion Piece | Are our roles sustainable? Challenges for Professional Services Staff

Lydia Crow

In sharing this piece we wanted to start a conversation around the challenges we experience in our professional environments and the impact that they have on us as HE professionals. Lydia has shared some of her thoughts on the role that language plays in shaping this environment. What are your thoughts?

In November 2019, I hosted a session at the AUA Autumn Conference focusing on Challenges for Professional Services Staff, badged broadly as Sustainable Staff.

Focusing on sector-wide structural issues, I was interested in critically analysing the language used to describe and communicate with Professional Services staff… Read the article

Changing jobs

Sam Bayley

Sam Bayley talks about his new role as Head of Faculty Operations at the University of York, his new responsibilities, moving into a more strategically-focused role and running multiple departments. Watch the video

Top five tips for sustainability in HE

Zoe Fraser

Zoe Fraser, Administration Manager in the Department of Archaeology, University of York, offers her advice on making HE departments more sustainable. Watch the video

Challenges of COP26: a higher education perspective

Amanda Woodman-Hardy, Angus Morrice & Sophie Ross-Smith

COP26 has been a fantastic two weeks for the Higher Education sector. It has been an opportunity to showcase world-changing research, increase awareness and interest in global environmental issues and highlight the importance of continued investment in this area.
For the Cabot Institute for the Environment, it has been a long and busy journey to COP26 which started 12 months before. But the Institute has been well rewarded over the two weeks with over a thousand mentions in the press, heightened engagement and interest in public engagement activities and social media and more awareness raising of the Institute as a serious player in the environmental knowledge, education and solutions space.
 Read the article

Article Spotlight | “Creating a sustainable future for higher education”

Alison Johns

In this piece, I aim to reflect on what we can learn from the past that will sustain us into the future. What has changed? What remains the same? What cuts to the core of the higher education endeavour? What should we expect in the future? Read the article (Perspectives Journal)

Issue #2: October 2021

Future skills

What skills do HE professionals need to master in order to prepare for the future world of work? This is the question we asked contributors to the second issue of Development Monthly.

In this issue…

Skills for the future

Dame Shirley Pearce, DBE

“The world in which we work is changing all the time. This continuous change is having an impact on the skills we need in all parts of the HE workforce. It should influence the way we educate new staff and the way we support the continuous professional development of everyone in HE. The skills needed for any job have always been changing and developing. But right now, it seems that the rate of change is becoming so great we should intensify our efforts to ensure we don’t expect new skills to be assimilated by ‘learning on the job’ Read the full article

Creating an inclusive environment

Helen Curtis

I recently attended a conference entitled ‘Living the Dream’ discussing how to think about equality and diversity more strategically and build an inclusive environment. A question I have been asking myself is how do we as leaders, managers, and members of the HE community work towards inclusion? To this end I have been conducting a review in the Bristol Medical School to understand what inclusion is and what does it mean to our staff, an important question we need to answer if we are planning on working towards creating an inclusive environment. Read the full article

Changing jobs

Roscoe Hastings

Roscoe Hastings, Director of Academic Services at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, discusses his recent job transition, his motives, covid’s impact, his career objectives while also offering advice to HE professionals looking to follow in a similar path. Watch the video now

Top five tips for modernising through automation

Jordan Kirkwood

Jordan Kirkwood, Head of Operations at King’s College London, offers his advice on the basic elements of using automation tools, and their value in modernising processes in HE. Watch the video

An engineering approach to HE project management

Hazel Clifton

Project management in Engineering is based on the approach of iterative design and development. But what happens when you apply this methodology to a brand new Higher Education Provider?
You get mock terms, a more professional and streamlined organisation, and a unified staff body with common goals and visions Read the full article

Article Spotlight | University administrators have worked to promote diversity in higher education”

Heidi Flanagan

As Black History Month draws to an end, Heidi Flanagan would like to thank her white colleagues in university administration for being allies during a tough year. Read the full article (Wonkhe)

Issue #1: September 2021

What now? Shaping our future

Each issue of Development Monthly will be structured around a broad theme and in our first issue we wanted to take some time to pause and reflect on the events, experiences and learning from the last 18 months or so. As we think about the beginning of new academic year, we ask ‘What now?’ and consider how best to shape our future as HE professionals.

In this issue…

Autumn is here

Sara Corcoran

For the education sector September/October is the start of the new year, with all the hopes, aspirations and positive commitments that new beginnings bring. In the calendar year, this period of late summer and early autumn is the time when we gather in the fruits of our efforts, a time of harvest.
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Article spotlight | Meeting the needs of professional services staff

Susannah Marsden

In this article on Wonkhe, Susannah asks if the pandemic experience can help better define the role of professional services staff in HE.
Read on Wonkhe

Top five tips for hybrid working

Vikki Goddard

In this video, Vikki gives us a rundown of her top 5 tips for returning to campus and hybrid working.
Watch the video

AUA CPD planner

Simon Moore

Take a look at how you can use the automated CPD planner to get personalised advice on how to improve your performance and professional practice.
Watch the video

Changing jobs

Rosella Brennan

Rosella Brennan talks about her recent transition from Coventry University to Head of Registry Services at Arden University.
Watch the interview

Perspectives Interviews | Moving widening participation outreach outline

Jon Rainford, in interview with Matthew Andrews

In the first of our new Perspectives series, Matthew Andrews interviews Jon Rainford about his popular article on moving widening participation outreach online during the pandemic.
Watch the interview