Study Tours

Taking part in one of our study tours is a unique opportunity open to you as a member of the AUA.  Experiencing your role in the context of global higher education provides you with insight and an alternative perspective which can be of benefit to you and your institution.

The benefits

Our International Higher Education Network (IHEN) arranges a study tour each year. If you are a member of the AUA based in the UK you can apply to take part.  We provide financial support to subsidise each tour to help make it a possibility for all.

Study tours strengthen our links with international higher education institutions, groups and organisations which enrich our membership offering.  We are really proud of the professional development opportunity study tours offer to you.  Participating can be a truly rewarding experience and can have personal, professional and institutional benefits:

  • Learn about an overseas higher education system
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of overseas practice
  • Exchange ideas and good practice
  • Build your confidence
  • Broaden your experiences
  • Enhance your career prospects
  • Explore working collaborations

“An amazing opportunity to see how things are done in other countries, to network with other administrators in the sector and to gain in terms of personal and professional development.  A must for every AUA member!”

Previous tour reports

Previous tour reports

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image-brazil-study-tour-cover image-india-study-tour-cover image-new-zealand-study-tour-cover
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