Distinguish yourself from the crowd and demonstrate your value to current and future employers by signing up to our Membership Accreditation  Scheme.  It is a great way to plan and achieve your development goals and take control of your career.

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Reasons to get involved

The need to maintain and grow your professional knowledge, skills and practices is true at every stage of our career.  Our Membership Accreditation Scheme is supported by the nine professional behaviours set out by the AUA CPD Framework.  These behaviours help you devise a plan by deciphering your strengths and weaknesses to give you an idea of the areas you should focus on.

Five reason to get involved:

  1. Prove your dedication, professionalism and experience
  2. Gain a personal sense of achievement and confidence in your ability
  3. Stand out in a competitive job market
  4. Embark on a clear career development path
  5. Learn and keep up with the latest professional practice


Which level is right for you?


Both Accredited Member and Fellowship require evidence that you have met specific requirements in the following areas:

  • CPD
  • Professional Capability
  • Professional Reflection

Accredited Member

As you progress in your career, you’ll start to develop your skills and knowledge. Accredited Member status recognises this development and the effect this has had on how you work.

Designation: AMAUA

Application Fee: £35

Continuing Professional Development
Have undertaken a minimum of 25 hours of professional development activities over the course of the previous two years.

Professional Reflection

A 750 – 1000 word reflective statement demonstrating how your development relates to at least three of the nine professional behaviours of the AUA CPD Framework, and how you have used and benefited from this.


As your career develops further you spend more time helping others.  You’ll also realise that the impact of your own development reaches further. Fellowship of the AUA recognises how you have helped others develop their skills and knowledge, and how your own development has influenced your colleagues.  As you help others develop themselves and their careers, your legacy can help shape the higher education sector of the future.

Designation: FAUA

Application Fee: £45


Continuing Professional Development

Can demonstrate evidence of substantial and enhanced professional development activities over the course of the previous three years to a minimum of 30 hours.

Professional Reflection

A 1500 word reflective statement demonstrating how your undertaken professional development relates to all nine professional behaviours of the AUA CPD Framework, and the impact and influence of this CPD on others and the HE sector


Accreditation for PgCert graduates

Through the work they complete on the PgCert, graduates of the programme meet the criteria to become Accredited Members of the association. Therefore, graduates are eligible to fast track through the membership accreditation process and the application fee is discounted for those individuals. 

Fast Track Accreditation administration charge – £20 (VAT free)

To pay for Fast Track Accreditation CLICK HERE (opens in new tab)