Welcome to #AUA2018

The UK will be different after 29 March 2019. The AUA conference will take place one year before the date set to leave the EU. I think we all hope that after the turbulence, significant changes and challenges we have been facing, that things are clearer and more settled. The higher education sector must adapt to the new conditions, and demonstrate to the government and the public its value and role in delivering a talent pipeline for Britain’s tomorrow.

This year’s theme of “Beyond Brexit: embracing uncertainty, defining our purpose, sustaining successful professionals” sets down a marker of intent. We have to move forward  and the best way to do this is to be armed with knowledge, to understand the opportunities and be willing to explore, seeking to be innovative and creative.

The AUA conference is a must as an individual and from an institution perspective. From our excellent offering, plenary speakers and workshop sessions, you will be able to identify, develop and practice the skills and knowledge we need to equip ourselves to work for our institutions and the sector to chart and sail these unknown waters.

Join us in Manchester to engage, to learn, to extend understanding and to, perhaps most importantly, celebrate the work that you do.

Kathyrn Fowler, AUA Chair