AUA Annual Conference and Exhibition

10 – 11 April 2017, Manchester


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Kathy Fowler

Kathy Fowler, AUA Chair

2016 will be remembered as the year when we faced significant changes and challenges. The higher education sector must prepare for and adapt to these and continue to demonstrate to the government and the public its value and role in delivering a talent pipeline for Britain’s tomorrow.

This year’s theme of Transformation builds on the previous year’s (Creativity, Collaboration and Complexity) and reflects on where the sector is positioned. The future will be different and the conference will give us opportunities to explore what challenges we might expect, how we can and will respond, and also time to understand and celebrate the innovation and creativity already evident in the practice of HE professionals and institutions. It is a must for all, on an individual and institution level. What skills and knowledge do we need to equip ourselves with in order to help steer our institution and the sector through these interesting times?

Join us and over 750 of your colleagues in Manchester to engage, to learn, to extend understanding, and to perhaps most importantly celebrate the work that you do.


Kathryn Fowler, FAUA
AUA Chair