Professional Consultancy

Our professional consultancy offer, AUA Consulting, is about helping you develop and implement best practice university administration by matching your specific higher education need with our higher education administration expertise. It is a new development in the higher education sector, initially operating on a pilot basis during 2018/2019.

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What is AUA Consulting?

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The AUA is a thriving community of higher education leaders, managers and administrators with a passion for professional best practice. Out consultants are experienced higher education practitioners, bringing you expertise from across the sector, representing a wide spectrum of HE professional portfolios.

We can support you with:

  • Academic regulations and quality reviews
  • Student and academic administration reviews, e.g. Registry, Faculty, Department structures
  • Review quality processes and regulations, including for professional doctorates
  • Admissions and recruitment
  • Audit of preparedness for UCAS Exam Board Linkage
  • Tailored CPD for your professional services staff
  • Corporate and academic governance
  • Student affairs
  • Advice on statutory student data returns

Find out more about our consultancy services

Why choose AUA Consulting?

AUA Consulting offers you distinct advantages over other consulting options. While various existing providers offer consulting in the HE sector, ranging from large multi-national firms to individuals operating alone, using AUA Consulting gives you both the confidence of working with a long-established trusted partner in higher education and the ability to hire the specific expertise that is required to deliver a project. Our unique offer includes:

  1. AUA consultants are embedded in practice with broad experience of the realities of working in the UK higher education sector
  2. AUA Consulting is a service for the sector from the sector. With AUA you are accessing a strong network of expertise with a professional heritage of over 55 years supporting UK higher education and delivering competitive advantage
  3. Our consultants are AUA members fully committed to our professional values and behaviours
  4. AUA Consulting is a specialist in higher education management and administration

Becoming an AUA Consultant

As we have said above, AUA Consultants are AUA members and experienced practitioners who know the realities of working in higher education.

The benefit to being an AUA Consultant is that you come under the umbrella of a long-established  trusted partner in higher education.  AUA Consultants are not alone either, you’ll be supported throughout each project by a managing consultant who can provide guidance and a sounding board, and administrative support is provided by the AUA Team.

Interested or want to know more? Send your CV and a statement outlining why you would like to be involved, your area of interest and expertise, your availability and reference details to Kathy Murray, Director of Operations. Or if you would like to have a conversation call +44 (0)161 275 2063.