AUA Annual Awards

The AUA would not be the thriving association it is without the hard work and dedication of our members.  Our members are the AUA.  They are our Trustees, they run our professional networks, they advocate on our behalf within their organisations, and support their colleagues studying the AUA PgCert and are committed to the development of others.

It’s time to say, ‘thank you!’


AUA Awards 2019

The annual AUA Awards go some way to recognise and celebrate the contributions and achievements of you, our members, but we need your help!

Who has made a difference to your local network?  Who introduced you to the AUA and started your AUA journey? Who has supported your professional development?

Please take the time to nominate an AUA colleague, or indeed yourself. Don’t be shy in letting us know what you have achieved!

Nominations for 2019 are now closed. You can find out who has won at the 2019 AUA Conference Gala Dinner.

Award Categories

Best Networks Team

Connecting you with professionals within and beyond your own organisation and with other members who share your professional interests is what the AUA is all about.  This award is all about recognising the teams of network volunteers who work together to bring you together. You might want to nominate a team behind your geographic or thematic network, or a team of advocates at your institution.

Member of the year

This award recognises the contribution of an individual member. The judges will be looking for a high level of commitment and dedication to the AUA. Perhaps an Advocate or Network Coordinator has gone the extra mile to help you, or maybe their work has raised the profile of the AUA. It could be a member who has utilised or adapted our CPD Framework, and any of its related resources, or the PgCert, to support the career development of themselves and others.

Lifetime achievement award

The lifetime achievement award is our chance to say a big thank you to a longstanding member whose sustained and significant contribution to the development and leadership of the AUA has helped advance professionalism and promoted excellence across the HE sector.

Previous winners

2018 AUA Network Team Award winner | University of Bath Advocate Team

Shortlisted for this award were:

  • The University of Bath Advocate team, whose nomination particularly impressed the judging panel, due to the innovative division of labour across the advocates, the wide coverage of services offered to members and the resulting excellent rise in membership numbers.
  • The Liverpool John Moores Advocate team that demonstrated a strong commitment to the AUA Behaviours, and a creative approach to designing CPD resources which have made an impact well beyond their own institution.
  • The University of Nottingham Advocate team, where the judges were impressed by the advocates’ engagement with the AUA and the reach of their activities into the region and beyond.
  • And finally, the University of York Advocate team, whose nomination outlined an impressive, diverse and engaging programme of activity delivered by an Advocate team committed to going the extra mile for their members.


2018 AUA Member of the Year Award winner | Ruth Coomber, Cardiff University

Shortlisted for this award were:

  • Ruth Coomber of Cardiff University, whose nomination told an impressive story of progression through the AUA, of a member who gives tirelessly to the Association, and who has had a great impact on the development of colleagues and peers.
  • Katie Allan of University of St Andrews who as Coordinator of the Departmental Administrators’ network delivered a well-received one-day conference with an impressive range of high profile speakers. In addition, Katie supports the St Andrews branch and is delivering a session at this conference.
  • Michael Monaghan of Liverpool John Moores University, whose nomination impressed the panel due to Michael’s ability to inspire and motivate his colleagues through their AUA and career development journeys.
  • And finally Sam Murphy of the University of Birmingham, whose enthusiasm and commitment to the AUA Behaviours, combined with a good range of activities and innovation contributed to a well-received nomination.


2018 AUA Lifetime Achievement Award | Jean Grier, University of Edinburgh

 This Award is made in recognition of Jean’s continuing and invaluable contribution to the AUA.  Jean is a go-to person who is always willing to share her knowledge and expertise of the AUA and HE in general. A Fellow, who has supported the AUA through writing for AUA publications, good practice guides, events and engaging at a branch and national level, this year’s lifetime achievement award winner is long overdue for recognition.


2017 Winners

AUA Network Team Award | The North Wales and North West Network
This nomination particularly impressed the judging panel, due to the commitment of the network coordinator Diane Lloyd, deputy coordinator Daniel Taylor, and advocates across the region, as well as the innovative events programme and the impressive increase in the number of Fellowships.

AUA Member of the Year | Michael Monaghan, Liverpool John Moores University
For Michael’s creative modification of the AUA CPD materials to build a programme which supports 100 staff members through their Fellowship applications.

AUA Lifetime Achievement | Ann Hartley
In recognition of Ann’s invaluable and continuing contribution to the management of the AUA’s PGCert and of her long career in HE, during which she has so thoroughly embodied AUA’s values.



2016 Winners

AUA Network Team Award | St Andrews University Network
The panel were impressed not only by the rapid membership growth at the institution, but also how engaged all these new members have been. The institution has hosted events which have attracted members from across the Scotland Network.

AUA Member of the Year | Rachel Barnes
Rachael Barnes has been engaged with the AUA at many levels. As a successful AUA PG Cert graduate, Rachael has clearly demonstrated a commitment to her own professional development. The commitment does not stop there though; Rachael actively encourages the same focus in others and has recently volunteered to be a PG Cert Mentor.

AUA Volunteer of the Year  | Lisa Burton
Lisa Burton is an AUA Advocate at Warwick, a graduate and mentor of the PG Cert, a former member of the PG Cert Board of Studies and a former member of the Perspectives Editorial Advisory Board. In short, Lisa is involved in a lot! All volunteers need to be enthusiastic, but Lisa’s success seems to be down to her remarkable ability to instil that enthusiasm in others.

AUA Advocate of the Year | Iain Forster-Smith
The panel were particularly impressed by Iain’s successes in making sure senior staff are on board with the purpose and aims of AUA. From the very beginning, all new members of staff are presented with information about AUA at marketplace induction events. Iain’s enthusiasm has resulted in growing numbers of members at the University of Bath.