We are the AUA, the Association of University Administrators.

If you work, or aspire to work in higher education administration or management, we are your professional association.  Our membership promise is simple – yet powerful. We’re committed to connecting and developing every professional within our network. We’ll support you on your professional journey by providing opportunities to enhance and progress your career in HE.

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Who we are and what we do

The AUA is the professional association for higher education administrators and managers. As well as being a representative voice for HE professionals within our sector, we’re here to support and guide you, our members, as you define and develop your career ambitions.

Think of us as an extension to your professional network. By connecting with like-minded individuals you can look beyond your current role and institution and become part of the wider sector. Through these connections you can share learning, encourage best practice and, importantly, help give our sector, your profession and you as an individual added credibility.

Our approach is simple – yet powerful. We’re committed to uniting and developing every professional within our network. That’s what makes us unique. In fact, we can sum up the AUA in one simple sentence:

Connecting and developing higher education professionals.

Our vision is to develop and serve the talent and ambition of higher education professionals to assist the advancement of the sector.

Our strategy

Our charitable objective is to advance, and assist in the advancement of education by fostering sound methods of leadership, management and administration in further and higher education by education, training and other means.

We will achieve this through a strategy of Growth through Relevance and Engagement.

Our aims are to:

  1. Enrich the experience of AUA membership by continuing to grow the professional development opportunities for members and others in the sector (growth)
  2. Be a representative voice for University professional services staff within the HE Sector (relevance)
  3. Be a partner of choice across the HE Sector (engagement)

Our priorities are to:

  1. Build high performing local, regional and thematic networks extending our reach into FE and alternative providers
  2. Develop AUA consultancy, building on the progress of the revitalised CPD Framework and Mark of Excellence
  3. Deliver high impact events, research and publications that address fundamental issues about the professionalisation of HE
  4. Develop our suite of accreditation and qualifications, including building on the success of the PgCert
  5. Continue to focus on strong strategically aligned partnerships

We will achieve this on a foundation of:

  1. An appropriately resourced AUA Office
  2. Effective leadership, governance and management
  3. A strong virtual presence and focused position in the sector
  4. Reliable and efficient delivery of all AUA activity and commitments
  5. Impactful strategic partnerships
  6. Sound financial management

Our measures of success will be:

  1. Improvement in membership recruitment, retention, engagement and satisfaction
  2. Achievement of our commitments to our members and to our partners
  3. Increased visibility, engagement and trusted and positive reputation of AUA in the national arena
  4. An annual financial surplus that maintains reserves levels

Our values

The AUA exists to advance and promote the professional recognition and development of all who work in professional services roles in higher education, and to be an authoritative advocate and champion for the sector.

AUA members are individually and collectively committed to:

  • the continuous development of their own and others’ professional knowledge, skills and practices;
  • actively championing equality of educational and professional opportunity;
  • the advancement of higher education through the robust application of professional knowledge, skills and practices;
  • the highest standards of fair, ethical and transparent professional behaviour.

Our values underpin the nine professional behaviours of the AUA CPD Framework

Our equality statement

All members are also expected to follow our equality statement.

“AUA is committed to celebrating diversity and ensuring equality of access for all its staff and members. The Association ensures that its policies, services, publications and practices reflect this commitment.

AUA contributes to the development of a positive culture throughout the sector through its Values statement, and expect all its members to demonstrate a commitment to equality and diversity in the provision of professional services within their own organisations”.

Our history and the AUA today

The world was a very different place in 1961. JFK was sworn in as US President, Barack Obama was born, the Berlin Wall was constructed and the Meeting of University Academic Administrators (MUASS) was launched at the University of Manchester.

In 1965, when the mini-skirt made its first outing, membership of MUASS stood at 120. By the time Dr Christian Barnard performed the first heart transplant, in 1967, MUASS membership had risen to 473, representing 73 institutions.

In the same year that the United Kingdom joined the European Economic Community, 1973, MUASS made way for CUA, the Conference of University Administrators. Fast forward twenty years and while the Maastricht Treaty was opening doors to one union, we were busy with our own. In 1993 CUA and APA (Association of Polytechnic Administrators) merged to become the Association of University Administrators, the AUA.

The AUA has come a long way since. We’ve experienced some challenging times and seen incredible change. Higher education has moved on and developments in our sector continue to take us to new and uncharted places.

Our team

kathy-murrayKathy Murray
Head of AUA Office
Kathy leads on communications and oversees the operations of the AUA Office, she contributes and supports the AUA Board of Trustees on the Association’s long-term strategies and plans.
Finance Team
mairi palmerMairi Palmer
Head of Finance
Mairi looks after all things financial for the AUA and the other sector associations that we provide support for.
photo-bethany-howarthBethany Haworth
Finance Assistant
Laila BerraiesLaila Berraies
Finance Assistant
Beth supports Mairi in all areas of finance for the AUA and other sector associations.
Professional Development Team
Amanda Shilton GodwinAmanda Shilton Godwin
Head of Professional Development
Amanda heads up all things professional and developmental, including content for conferences and seminars, the AUA CPD Framework and the Mark of Excellence. She also manages the PgCert team.
Jane ReidJane Reid
Project Officer (Professional Development)
Fiona RamsayFiona Ramsay
PgCert Programme Administrator
Jane manages our PgCert in HE Administration, Management and Leadership programme, including making strategic decisions on how the PgCert is developed for the future. Fiona supports our PgCert programme and is the point of contact for existing and prospective participants.
Membership and Networks Team
Matt MaloneyMatt Maloney
Project Officer: Membership & Networks
Grace Bullas
Administration Assistant
Matt is responsible for all activity relating to our members, as well as the support and coordination of our network volunteersGrace takes care of the administration that supports our members and volunteers. If you call the AUA office, or email our main enquires inbox, you will probably be assisted by Grace.
Events Team
Ric CarrRic Carr
Events Officer
Ric makes the events and conferences we run happen. He is everything logistics and provides the reality check. In addition Ric project manages events for our external partners.
photo-placeholderHannah Wyndham
Events Assistant
Chloe DuxburyChloe Duxbury
Events Assistant
Hannah in on placement with the AUA. She is at Manchester Metropolitan University studying Events Management. Chloe provides a range of event-related and governance support to AUA’s third party clients
Communications Team
Kim MellorKimberley Mellor
Communications Officer
Monica Mihai
Digital Marketing Officer
Kim looks after our publications and is the guardian of our brand. She also coordinates the sponsorship and exhibitions for the events and conferences we run. Monica is responsible for developing our digital marketing strategy. She oversees our social media presence, website and e-mail marketing campaigns.


We are open Monday to Friday, 10:00 – 16:00.

Association of University Administrators, Sackville Street Building, The University of Manchester, Sackville Street, Manchester, M60 1QD

(Postcode for visitors M1 3BU)

Tel: 44+(0)161 275 2063

Email: aua@aua.ac.uk

Tweet: @The_AUA