Call for applications to the Board of Trustees

Published on:
8 Feb, 2017

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Call for applications to the Board of Trustees

Deadline: Monday 6 March 2017

In accordance with the Constitution, recruitment of members of the Board of Trustees is to be held before the end of July 2017. Applications are now invited for the posts of two full term Trustee positions from 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2020.

Serving as a Trustee is both a rewarding way to give something back to the AUA and an excellent form of personal and professional development. You will serve alongside other dedicated and dynamic individuals to create and develop an extensive network of contacts across the HE sector.

The Board is seeking new Trustees who represent the breadth and diversity of those in membership of the AUA and who will add value to the discussions and decisions of the Board.

Trustee duties

The AUA is an unincorporated charity and Trustees have, and must accept, ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of the charity, ensuring that it is solvent and well-run, and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public for which it was set up. For further information on what these areas of responsibility include, please see “The Essential Trustee” which is produced by the Charity Commission and can be viewed online.

Attributes for membership of the Board of Trustees

Trustees will be expected to contribute towards the full life and operation of the AUA. To do so, the Board has defined the following experience and skills which potential Trustees may be expected to possess.

Experience and Skills

Provides Strategic Leadership (all Trustees)

  • Has strategic knowledge and understanding of the HE sector and the AUA’s place within it
  • Able to articulate strategic priorities, financial implications and objectives clearly
  • Promotes team working between Trustees and AUA Office staff
  • Able to analyse information provided by the AUA Office in a useful way
  • Is open to new ideas and willing to work in partnership with stakeholders

Ensures Accountability (all Trustees)

  • Understands the legal governance framework in which the AUA needs to operate
  • Understands finance and budgeting and able to interpret budget monitoring information
  • Has numeric and analytical skills

Ensures Accountability (specific Trustees)

  • Marketing skills and experience
  • Understanding of the issues of a member led organisation
  • Training/programme development experience or skills

Acts as a Critical Friend (all Trustees)

  • Has a demonstrable commitment to the AUA and the work of the Board of Trustees
  • Declares personal or pecuniary interests and avoids using his/her position for personal gain
  • Participates in the work of the Board of Trustees by preparing for meetings, attending, contributing at meetings and taking agreed actions
  • Uses analytical skills to challenge the AUA Executive constructively and ask probing questions
  • Able to influence others and build consensus using the power of argument and clear presentation of the case
  • Seeks to resolve misunderstanding and conflict by giving and receiving constructive feedback

Relevant qualifications or substantial experience

Formal Qualifications (specific Trustees)

  • Accountancy (finance)
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Higher Education Management
  • Marketing and Communication


All full Members of the AUA can apply, as can individuals who are not currently members of the AUA, though any such individual will be required to take up membership in order to become a Trustee. Applicants must be based in the UK.

To apply please provide a covering letter and CV which demonstrates the above listed attributes. Applications should be emailed to Kathy Muray. Informal enquiries can be made to Kathryn Fowler, the current Chair of the Board.

Applications will be considered by a Nominations Panel established by the Board who will interview selected candidates during the Annual Conference to be held at The University of Manchester from 10 to 11 April. The Nominations Panel will then make recommendations to the Board of Trustees at their meeting in June 2017 for formal endorsement.


Applicants will be informed of the result by Kathryn Fowler after the interviews, subject to formal endorsement by the Board. The membership will be informed by email no later than Friday 7 July 2017.

Applications timetable

  • 7 February – Notice of invitation for applications to the Board of Trustees
  • 6 March – Closing date for Board of Trustee applications (17:00)
  • 8 April – Applicants informed of decision of Nominations Panel
  • 10 – 11 April – Interviews taking place during the Annual Conference in Manchester
  • 23 June – Board receive recommendations from the Nominations Panel
  • 8 July – New appointments to the Board of Trustees circulated to membership